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Well, if you follow this tiny blog, you probably know that I have something called ’10 reasons why you should like…’. And this started on my twitter, where I used to list 100 reasons why you should like Marinko Matosevic. He’s one of my favorite players and I never needed any reason to like him… but he keeps giving me. Marinko kindly gave me a quick interview, answering 10 quick questions. And he even talks about that knock over Rafa Nadal’s bottles. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Marinko Matosevic during the Finals match against Kevin Anderson on Day 7 of the Delray Beach International Tennis Championships Delray Beach, Florida - March 4, 2012

When you truly believed you would be a successful professional player, able to pay the bills and all that stuff?

MM: The day I believed I would be able to make a living was when I was really young, my early teens. When it became reality, early 20s.

Well, since this is a blog about doubles… if you could pick two players, one to play doubles and one to play mixed, who would it be?

MM: A male player I would love to play doubles is Federer, I would spend all match asking him his secrets. A female mixed partner… my choice would be Maria Kirilenko. No explanation needed.

If you had the opportunity to ask a question to a player, who and what would it be?

MM: If I could ask one question it would be to Roger and it would be ‘What’s your secret to everything you do?’. I mean, he’s perfect from his tennis technique and game to his endorsement portfolio to his family (maybe one boy instead of two girls).

One of my favorite tennis moment happened in one of your matches. The umpire called “Mr Matosevic has no challenges remaining” and you replied “It doesn’t matter, I get every challenge wrong anyway”. Is your ‘relationship’ with the hawk-eye that difficult?

MM: Hawk-eye is not 100% accurate, I think it’s 98.7%, so when they 1mm or 2mm calls happen you wonder.

Can you talk a little bit about the knock over Rafa Nadal’s bottles? That was pretty funny.

MM: Yeah, I knocked over his water bottles. Well, so many players have been talking about it for years… well, not players, but everybody that knows tennis. I said ‘If I got to play him I would do it’ so I did it. He took it well because he was kicking my ass but it would be interesting if it was close or one of the top guys do it to him.

Strangest dream you’ve ever had.

MM: Strange dreams usually involve me getting killed in various ways and me waking up.

A song that pumps you up.

MM: Songs that pump up are Juicy by Biggie or a good house.

I know you’re a Godfather lover. From the players of the tour, who would be your Tom Hagen, the consiglieri in your famiglia?

MM: Yes, I do love Godfather. My Tom wouldn’t be on tour, the tour is like a mafia: you gotta watch out for everybody. Its a jungle out here, the guys are animals.

Did you raise your hands to the sky to help Goku make the Genki Dama?

MM: Haha, yes. I love Dragon Ball (and in English it’s called the spirit bomb). I would love Goku’s powers. I wish I was a super sayan.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

MM: My guilty pleasures are good food and good wine.

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